Top Activities to Undertake at Centennial Beach in Naperville

Naperville is one of the most visited cities in Illinois because it has an abundant number of pleasing attractions that keep people in ‘awe’ throughout the year; one of them is no other than Centennial Beach. This public aquatic park is one of the most visited spots in the entire state. Every year, it receives approximately 155,000 individuals of all ages, hence why it is often highly mentioned in the media. Here are some activities your Naperville Chiropractor recommends checking out.

Centennial Beach: A One-of-a-Kind Attraction

Centennial Beach is often referred to as not a swimming pool, not a lake, but a swimming experience that cannot be compared to any other. You can swim to a 15 feet depth. Both children and adults can be seen at this spot, having a great time engaging in a variety of different activities in the water.

Opened every day out of the week, Centennial Beach in Naperville is a 6-acre spot that hosts many athletic events. It is also well-known for its nationally competitive team of lifeguards, ones that are often noted for the passion they have for their profession.

Other Activities to Take Advantage of

Now, it is important to highlight that for those people who do not want to dip-in the water, there are other activities that can be conducted at Centennial Beach in Naperville, IL. To the west of it, there is an adjacent ‘skate park’ that could keep anybody entertained for a lot of hours. There is also the ‘ball field,’ one that is utilized by the Naperville Little League. When a team plays, multitudes show-up to cheer them on while eating a snack of choice and taking in the beautiful view present all around.

For those individuals who do not want to engage in anything, there is always the lush green grass to sit on and have a nice picnic at or just glance at the view in front. There are numerous trees all around, which add even more interest to the place.

Finger-Licking Restaurant at Your Service

If you did not bring anything to eat, you do not have to worry one bit, as Centennial Grill is at your service since 2011. The menu includes more than a handful of finger-licking options to satisfy every preference, including grilled chicken and wraps, burgers, chicken fingers, classic beach food, among others. If you need any help, there are always employees wearing neon shirts that are ready to assist to keep making your Centennial Beach experience one-of-a-kind.

Overall Safe Spot

There is free parking space available, one that is safe so that you can have peace of mind that while you are enjoying yourself, your vehicle will be okay. Overall, the Centennial Beach itself is very safe, which is not surprising because of the many children that are always present. One would not expect anything less.

Forever a Favorite

Centennial Beach is a Naperville gem that nobody gets tired of enjoying. It is one of those spots that will remain forever a favorite, hence why if you have not already done so, you should integrate it to your up-and-coming spots to visit in the near future.