Message from the Dr. Tim Regarding COVID-19

We see you. We hear you. We acknowledge you. We are HERE FOR YOU! Symmetry Chiropractic WILL BE OPEN, ready to serve, to the best of our ability, for as long as we can.

As you all probably know, the Illinois governor has mandated a “Stay At Home Executive Order”. As healthcare facilities, we are asked to stay open to serve and treat patients. After a thorough review of the document, it seems clear that our government wants its citizens safe, but not suffering at the same time. It is very clear that leaving your home to visit a health care professional is of course allowed.

Some people don’t realize that Chiropractors are Physicians by Illinois law. (1) In fact, we at Symmetry Chiropractic view ourselves as a big part of the solution to this overwhelming crisis - now and in the future. Chiropractic patients have been shown to have less hospital stays, ER visits and require less medicine (2). Because of that, I feel we are without a doubt helping to reduce the patient load on a stressed healthcare system as our government attempts to ‘flatten the curve.’

We realize your health and healthcare decisions are very personal in nature and feel it’s our responsibility to remind you are that you are still free to make those choices and to do so responsibly for both yourself, your family, and others. That all being said, we will be remaining open for you, your family, and our community to receive the care that you may need.

With COVID-19 health concerns, it is safe to get adjusted. Read carefully what we are doing to Create a Safe & Healthy Environment while following the CDC guidelines:

  • The office is being sanitized before, during and after each shift.
  • Additional disinfectant wipes will be made readily available for you.
  • All tables, chairs, therapy equipment, and countertops will be wiped down after every patient encounter to ensure everything is sanitized.
  • We are structuring our schedule to limit crowding to less than 10 people in the office at any one time.
  • While in the office, we want to make sure all patients are social distancing of 6 or more feet apart.
  • We will have a parking lot reception room, meaning call or text when you park, and we will let you know it is ok to come in. We will then have you come in, or wait a minute or 2 for the office to clear. Call or text us at 630-983-1805 when you arrive.
  • The adjustment is the most important thing, so we may limit therapies at surge times if needed.
  • If you are immune compromised or over 60 years old please call the office about special arrangements that can be made for you other than above, and if you are feeling ill call and talk with Dr. Erickson.
  • We will update you with any office schedule changes by email, text, and will be posted on Facebook, so please like our page to get updates.

IMPORTANT: If you are feeling any of the symptoms of possible infection, STAY HOME, for your safely and the safety of all others. Information about what to look for can be found at This website can answer many of the questions regarding COVID-19.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding during these difficult times. We are committed to be of service to you, your family, and our community during these trying times. Please remember, this is all temporary.

(1) (225 ILCS 60/2) (from Ch. 111, par. 4400-2) Sec. 2. Definitions

(2) Clinical Utilization and Cost Outcomes From an Integrative Medicine Independent Physician Association: An Additional 3-Year Update; Richard L. Sarnat, MD ; James Winterstein, DC; Jerrilyn A. Cambron, DC, PhD

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