The Naperville Riverwalk

It is not a secret that Illinois is a state replete of interesting cities with numerous attractions that could keep anybody of any age entertained for hours. One of these cities is Naperville. Founded in 1831, it has always received thousands of tourists with opened arms every year. One of the most popular attractions, and a favorite of your Naperville Chiropractor, which keep tourists coming back, is the Riverwalk.

Naperville Riverwalk: A Meaningful Staple Attraction That Has Garnered Worldwide Recognition

There is a lot of history that accompanies the Riverwalk, which numerous people want to see firsthand every year. Often referred to as one of the most attractive spots all year-round in the Midwest and also as the 'Crown Jewel of Naperville,' the Naperville Riverwalk was built by many residents in order to commemorate the 150th birthday of this city. Once you visit, you will realize that it was truly hard work to put everything together for them, but it was well worth it, as many generations have been able to enjoy it.

Due to its beauty, it has acquired more than a handful of state and national awards throughout the decades, and it does not appear like this is going to come to a halt anytime soon. It keeps being highlighted in different travel magazines around the globe. It has not only become a staple for Naperville but also for the state of Illinois.

This attraction has helped the economy of Illinois in great measure, hence why its condition is always taken into account. There are always new integrations being made in different aspects throughout for it to continue to be well-kept, which is something that cannot be expressed about other spots across the country that have garnered worldwide recognition, as well. Indeed, maintaining it is a very difficult job, one that is highly appreciated by both residents and tourists alike.

Activities Present for Every Preference

No matter what your preference is, you will find something to do at Naperville Riverwalk. It has several features that are worth the time of day. It has unique landscaping, fountains, bridges, among other eye-candy structures that never fail in garnering the attention of residents and tourists. Throughout the year, there are several outdoor concerts that take place that attract multitudes. Now, the type of music played at these festivals varies. They are quite enjoyable for those who love music and want to meet new people from different walks of life.

On the Riverwalk’s south bank, there is a memorial established to honor the victims of the September 11 attacks. On the west end, there is the Grand Pavilion, which is often visited for picnics, walk-a-thons, and other enjoyable events. You can opt to stroll along the paths present, which are brick-paved. There is a lot of water present, making it also ideal for those individuals who want to relax for a while.

There are other places in or near the park that deserve consideration, including the Century Walk, Fredenhagen Park, Horse Through Fountain, Exchange Club Veteran’s Plaza, Dandelion Fountain, Riverwalk Amphitheater, Shanower Memorial, Jaycees Playground, Centennial Beach and Grill, among many others. There are river boat rides available, as well as more than a handful of festivals taking place along the river throughout the year, adding more to the excitement that what this attraction provides.

The Ideal Background to Take Memorable Photos

Due to its lush green grass that almost appears too beautiful to be real, the Naperville Riverwalk is the perfect background to take photos at. Its beautiful and refreshing scenery has become known for making others question if photos taken there are photoshopped or not. During the holidays, there are special additions that are integrated to the Naperville Riverwalk, such as lights covering major sections of it, which can provide you with even more valuable photos, ones that you will want to cherish forever.

A Must Visit Attraction That Does Not Fail to Garner Positive Response

Naperville Riverwalk keeps being highly-rated on different online platforms where tourists give their two cents on attractions. The activities that can be conducted at the Naperville Riverwalk are endless. People of all ages are simply in love with it, as it is unique and enjoyable in every aspect and thus a must visit.