4 Ways a Chiropractor Helps with Back Pain in Naperville

4 Ways a Chiropractor Helps with Back Pain in Naperville

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Chiropractic Treatments in Naperville

Chiropractic treatments in Naperville offer relief from back pain by addressing the underlying causes of certain complications. Chiropractic care refers to the use of spinal adjustments, decompression therapy and spinal manipulation using appropriate tools or techniques to improve the alignment of your spine. The goal of treatment is addressing the underlying causes of your pain through adjustments to your bones, joints and spine.

The treatments primarily focus on the alignment of your body. We may work with your back, extremities and neck to improve your ability to move easily. The goal of chiropractic care is relief from pain by addressing the bulging disc, compression or other factors that cause the discomfort. We may use spinal decompression therapy to reduce pain when you have pressure on the nerves from a herniated disc or similar complication.

Massage Therapy and Back Pain Relief
Back pain relief may relate to massage therapy as well as chiropractic care. Since a chiropractor has experience working with the musculoskeletal system, they understand the way your muscles may contribute to your pain. Back pain is not always related to your spine, nerves and bones. In some cases, the pain stems from injuries to the muscles or tension in your muscles.

By using massage therapy, you reduce the amount of tension in your muscles. A professional works on alleviating pain by reducing pressure from tension and muscle injuries. The treatment is particularly effective when you have back pain because it helps your body relax. Even when the pain stems from a herniated disc or other concerns with your neck and spine, the massage helps by relaxing your muscles and alleviating the excess pressure from tension in the muscles. As a result, you reduce your pain and improve your situation.

Stretches and Exercise for Low Back Pain Treatment
A chiropractor also provides supervised stretches and exercises for low back pain treatment. The stretches and exercises strengthen the muscles while also improving an individual's ability to move easily. Over time, the stretches help reduce pressure on your back and improve your flexibility.

Since back pain may stem from the lack of exercise or a sedentary lifestyle, you want to address the lifestyle factors that may contribute to the pain. At our clinic, we use exercises and stretches as part of the healing process. It allows your body to improve while you address the symptoms associated with your back pain.

The specific exercises and stretches we recommend for your goals may vary based on your situation. At our clinic, we use a combination of tools to work on addressing the pain. By working with stretches as well as chiropractic care and massage therapy, you reduce the factors that contribute to your pain and discomfort.

Lifestyle and Nutritional Advice from a Chiropractor
A chiropractor in our Naperville clinic offers more than basic treatments. We realize that chiropractic care and massage therapy are only part of the process. You also need to make changes to your lifestyle and dietary habits to address the underlying causes of back pain.

Nutritional advice focuses on making healthy choices with your food. Since your diet contributes to your body's ability to heal and recover from an injury or when you experience back pain, you need a diet that encourages healing. Certain foods reduce inflammation that may contribute to your pain and helps your body heal by providing the proper building blocks. Other foods make your symptoms worse by allowing greater levels of inflammation into your system. At our clinic, we help you make better choices with your meals.

We also realize that your lifestyle and diet may contribute to weight gain. Excess weight puts pressure on your body, so a proper plan of action to address the concern helps your body heal and gives you the tools to reach your weight loss goals. Back pain may relate to your body's current situation and your lifestyle plays a role in the way your body heals.

The final aspect of lifestyle advice that helps with back pain relief is adjustments to your behavior and activities. We may suggest putting certain activities, like sports, on hold while your back heals. We also suggest changes to your normal behaviors that may cause your symptoms to worsen over time. By making the adjustments to your lifestyle, you reduce the amount of pain or discomfort you experience and give your body a chance to heal.

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