Chiropractic Testimonials

"Dr. Erickson is not just a phenomenal chiropractor, he is a humanitarian. The level of professionalism, care, & welcoming environment that Dr. Erickson & his wonderful staff display every single day is unmatched. Before I came to Dr. Erickson I had severe shoulder pain from a dislocation and I suffered from seizures. Thanks to the care of Dr. Erickson I have full use of my shoulder and my seizures are now few and far between. Chiropractic care is extraordinary in-an-of-itself, but with Dr. Erickson it's almost a surreal experience. There may be other great chiropractors, but there is only one Dr. Erickson."

- Hasnain S.

"So glad I met Dr Tim. I went in with tailbone pain, but little did I know I mad much more going on. Dr Tim explained the issues and talked me through the therapy going forward. I'm about ten days in to 8 weeks of therapy, and I can already tell an amazing difference in more than a few aspects of my overall health. Not only is Dr. Tim amazing, but he has an awesome, friendly, knowledgeable team of employees. Thank you Symmetry Chiropractic...can't wait to continue to get better with your help!"

- Bethany S., Forrestor Moving, LLC 

"It was suggested I come in and see Dr. Tim and have him evaluate my condition when I was heading towards back surgery due to a car accident about a year ago. And I have been suffering with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for a long time. I was in so much pain I could barely get out of bed on some days; much less take care of my husband and children ages 13, 4 and 3. I could hardly function. All the medications I was on for all the pain made me even less able to do the most basic of daily tasks. My husband became Mr. Mom after he had worked a full shift at work. I felt so useless and at the same time I hurt so badly, all I wanted to do was sleep. In the past when I saw a different chiropractor, the treatments were done differently so I felt very sore after an adjustment. Sometimes I hurt worse when I got home than before I went in. With Dr. Tim he has a gentle approach and I always feel better after seeing him. And I love the traction table and chi machine! Dr. Tim is the first Chiropractor or Doctor who seems like they care about my wellbeing and my families. He listens and teaches me how I can make myself and my family's health better. He and his staff make us feel so welcome, and glad we came in to see them, not like other offices I have been to where I felt like my children weren't welcome. In fact Dr. Tim is treating all my children too! They love it, and request to go see him when they feel ill. They were down with fevers last week and for the first time it only lasted 24 hours, not the 3-4 days like usual. I feel it was because their immune systems are in better shape since we have been getting adjusted by Dr. Tim.

Dr. Tim and his staff have made a huge impact on me and my family. They have given us hope again! I am off some very strong medications, I sleep longer and much more restful, I am more flexible any my pain level is way down since I have been coming in for adjustments regularly. I would tell anyone who has chronic fatigue to take an active role in your treatment, and see a chiropractor today! I am able to be a MOM again, and my family is much happier. Thank you Dr Tim!"

- Khristii R.

"I began Chiropractic care because I had been experiencing chronic low back pain and it was really keeping me from doing many physical activities. Before I began treatment with Dr. Erickson, I was taking over-the-counter pain relievers and didn't have any experience with Chiropractic. I now plan physical activities instead of shying away from them! Chiropractic has affected me by allowing me to enjoy all aspects of life again… My pain is mostly gone! I am glad I came to Dr. Erickson; this is a very well run office."

- Elisa H.

"I met Dr. Erickson at a small business expo and he took a couple of pictures of me and indicated to me that I had posture problems. I came to visit him in his office and he took x-rays of me and did a more involved investigation, then told me the problems that I have. But the good news was he could help me! "Before treatments I had just a lot of nagging pains in my shoulders, lower back and in my hips. I didn't really know particularly where they came from; I just knew that I was getting to be like a creaky old man, before my time." I have had no previous experience with chiropractic before I came to see Dr. Erickson. But I do know that I feel that my treatments with Dr. have been very successful. I don't have the pains I use to. I feel more freedom in my movements and less like an old man. I am basically just more up-beat about things. That's about it, I just plan on continuing with Dr. Erickson, and keep getting better and better."

- Bob Z.

"Before I came here I was having lots of pain in my left arm and left shoulder when a friend, Lisa M. referred me to Dr. Tim. I was in terrible pain, I couldn't do things like I use to do, and it effected my every moment. I had past experience with a chiropractor years ago for a low back pain problem. He was able to make it better after a few visits.

After seeing Dr. Tim I have made a lot of progress. I can do every movement again! I have hardly any pain anymore! I am much more relaxed and I am happier! I was happy to attend Dr. Tim's class, I learned how chiropractic helps to prevent problems and it is something all new to my life. I am excited to know and practice this! Thank you!"

- Veerle V.

"When I first started seeing you, my head was actually spinning when I laid down or got up. Prior to that I had significant head, neck and lower back pain that was chronic but, I was resigned to believing that this would be as good as it gets. I wish I would have started to see you sooner now that I know something about he results that I can get. When I saw the X-rays, I was shocked but, not surprised. The degeneration of my spine was bad but, it also made sense to me considering the pain and discomfort that I was feeling. While I am not completely done with my therapy, the changes in my health and vitality affected by the black and white proof of the straightening or my spine has been dramatic and meaningful. You are the most authentically caring and compassionate man I have ever met. To know you is to know that you are a resource to make a difference in the world and people as individuals. I have been privileged to know many great doctors and it is my profound privilege to know you and have you care for me."

- Liz S.

"My husband and I ran into Dr. Erickson at the Osco one day. I had been having back problems, and decided to come see what he could do for us. We are very thankful we did! I had experienced chiropractic care in the past, but it wasn't anything like this is now. It was just a treatment and thank you very much. Nothing like Dr. Erickson has gone into it. He's great! My progress is remarkable. Before I couldn't walk right, I couldn't even climb up on the table to get treatments when I first started. Now I can! I can move! It's just terrific! I can do so much more after Dr. Erickson has treated me! It has been really good service with Dr. Erickson, and has helped my back to no end!"

- Donna A.

"I met Dr. Erickson when he was out doing screenings and I decided to try on a whim. I played football and had a neck injury where my neck would catch and at times it would cause me pain for a few days. So I thought I would give Chiropractic a try. My previous attitude about chiropractic was I just didn't think it would work. I have several relatives who are doctors; in fact I have one relative that would be rolling in his grave if he knew I came to a chiropractor. I am glad I did make that move. Dr. Erickson has really helped my neck, but it has also helped several other problems that I didn't even know I had. I had problems with my leg from an injury, and some low back pain, it has helped all of these. I even have more energy now, and I just feel better! "Dr. Tim does a great job and Chiropractic Works!"

- Mark R.

"My wife and I were in Jewel-Osco and Dr. Tim and his assistant were there doing spinal screenings. I agreed to have a screening, and Dr. Tim showed me how my spine was crooked, so I signed up to see him. I was having pains in my neck and in my lower back before I first went to see Dr. Tim. I couldn't bend and was less flexible. I wanted to start doing things again. After my first treatment I was on the way home and said to my wife," I feel taller and I think I look taller!" The side of my shoulder use to sag, and my hip use to be bent. Now I carry myself straighter, and I have a happier outlook. I did not have previous experience with chiropractic, I had just heard good things about it, and that it has helped a lot of people. I am very glad I came here. I think I have grown about an inch or so!!"

- Carl A.

I appreciate the opportunity that I have been given to help you all get well. I respect your trust and I will give my all to insure that you get the best quality health care available.

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