Herniated Disc or Slipped Disc? Why Chiropractic Can Help in Naperville, IL

Herniated Disc or Slipped Disc? Why Chiropractic Can Help in Naperville, IL

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When you are suffering from back pain you can lose your mobility and quality of life. Fortunately, here at Symmetry Chiropractic and Acupuncture, we offer complete care for back pain in Naperville IL. This includes all-natural herniated disc treatment. If you think you have a herniated or slipped disc check out the most common symptoms and treatments for this type of back pain. For treating a herniated disc or pain associated with a slipped disc, we offer chiropractic care for all ages including prenatal chiropractic services. Learn more about what a slipped disc is, the common symptoms of this spine problem, and how we offer natural herniated disc treatment in Naperville IL.

What is a Herniated Disc or Slipped Disc?
A herniated disc is also known as a slipped disc or ruptured disc. This is a medical condition that affects the vertebrae discs along the spine. It is a very common condition that can be treated by our chiropractor in Naperville. In fact, there are more than 3 million diagnoses of spinal disc herniation annually in the US.

Herniated discs are the result of a crack in the casing surrounding the spinal disc. When this happens the soft center of the disc can emerge through the crack. In general, this does not result in pain or discomfort. However, if you have a slipped disc that is pressing against nerves along the spine, this can generate a host of health problems. Conditions related to a herniated disc can be remedied using chiropractic care without the need for back surgery or painkillers.

What are the Most Common Symptoms of a Herniated Disc?
If you have a herniated disc that is pressing on a nearby nerve, you can suffer from numbness in your extremities. For instance, you may have unexplainable numbness in your arms or legs, which are caused by the herniated disc. Other symptoms of a herniated disc include muscle weakness and back pain.

If your slipped disc is irritated or inflamed, the swelling can put excessive pressure on the surrounding tissue. This can cause your soft tissue to readjust to accommodate the swollen disc. As a result, your musculoskeletal system can be out of alignment, which can cause a number of outlying health issues. If left untreated the swollen disc can lead to serious back pain that can reduce your mobility.

How can a Chiropractor Help Treat a Herniated Disc?
The good news is that a herniated disc can easily be treated by our Naperville IL chiropractor. We offer comprehensive chiropractic care and slipped disc treatment. After conducting a comprehensive diagnostic exam, our chiropractor will develop a treatment plan that best suits your lifestyle and health concerns. A chiropractic adjustment is generally a major component of our treatment plans.

We use manual adjustments to help improve circulation and healing along the spine. The method of adjusting your spine also allows our chiropractor to correct any alignment issues resulting from the herniated disc. Additionally, we offer prenatal/pregnancy chiropractic care. This is an ideal, all-natural solution for pregnant women who are suffering from herniated disc pain.

Our chiropractic team also uses acupuncture treatments to help relieve back pain and improve circulation in the area of the disc pain. We specialize in a modern style of acupuncture called electroacupuncture. Instead of using needles, we use micro-currents of electricity to stimulate a healthy flow of energy throughout your musculoskeletal system.

Along the same lines as acupuncture is auricular therapy. Symmetry Chiropractic and Acupuncture use this type of herniated disc treatment to reduce chronic pain and muscle spasms. If you have been suffering from a herniated disc for a while now, consider the use of auricular therapy as part of your treatment plan. Auricular therapy focuses on the nerve endings in the ears. By working with these reflex points we can help you achieve all-natural pain relief throughout your spine.

Meet Our Naperville Chiropractor
For chiropractic care for your herniated disc treatment, choose our Naperville chiropractor. Here at Symmetry Chiropractic and Acupuncture Dr. Timothy Erickson has been treating patients with back pain and slipped discs for more than a decade. We also help individuals who suffer from sports injuries and auto accidents.

As a whole family chiropractic treatment provider, Dr. Erickson is also experienced and trained to provide prenatal chiropractic care and pediatric chiropractic services. Whether you or your family member are suffering from a herniated disc, we can assist you using integrated medicine via chiropractic care. Contact our office at 630-984-5503 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Erickson.

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