Neck Pain Treatment from Your Chiropractor in Naperville, IL

Neck Pain Treatment from Your Chiropractor in Naperville, IL

Neck Pain Naperville IL

Causes of Neck Pain

The neck, or cervical spine, is one of the parts of the body that is most susceptible to injuries and pain because of its flexibility. Even everyday activities such as sitting for extended periods or making repetitive movements affect how it functions. In supporting your head, your neck takes on the job of dealing with around 12 pounds of weight.

One reason the neck is so susceptible to injury is biomechanics. Your painful neck could result from a number of factors. Our doctor of chiropractic notes that some of the typical causes include:

  • Injury and accidents. When a sudden, forced head motion occurs, healthcare professionals call the rebound effect whiplash. It causes injury to tissues that surround and support the head and the neck. Muscle tightening causes muscle fatigue, resulting in stiffness and pain. When whiplash is severe, injury can occur to the muscles, discs, intervertebral joints, ligaments, and nerve roots. The most common cause of this is a vehicular accident.
  • Aging. Growing older brings with it conditions such as spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease, and osteoarthritis. All of these disorders directly affect how your spine functions.
  • Osteoarthritis. This joint disorder results in progressive cartilage deterioration. The body’s response is the formation of bone spurs that interfere with joint movement.
  • Spinal stenosis. Nerve roots become compressed and essentially trapped within passageways in vertebrae. Their inability to function normally could cause numbness or a painful neck, arm, and shoulder.
  • Degenerative disc disease. Over time, intervertebral discs lose height and elasticity. A bulging disc often causes pain, tingling, or numbness extending into your arm.
  • Lifestyle issues. A painful neck might result from poor posture, excess weight, and weak muscles in the abdomen. Stress and emotional issues often cause muscles to tighten, then contract, leading to stiffness and pain.

Now Chiropractic Care Brings Neck Pain Relief

Your first step toward neck pain relief is an evaluation by our doctor. This assessment includes comprehensive physical and neurological examinations and a review of your medical history. Our chiropractor will ask you a number of questions regarding your symptoms and discomfort, including a detailed description of your pain and what you have already tried to do for your painful neck. Sometimes tests such as X-rays or CT or MRI scans are helpful in reaching a diagnosis and creating a neck pain treatment plan customized to meet your needs.

A chiropractor is a specialist who uses conservative, natural therapies that exclude surgery or drugs to restore your body to the proper alignment. The core of chiropractic treatment for pain in the neck is an adjustment, also called a cervical manipulation. It typically relies on hand motions to boost spinal mobility and restore range of motion. Other therapies or exercises might also be part of your treatment plan.

A recent review of the scientific literature suggested that patients in nine clinical trials who suffered from chronic pain due to neck problems achieved significant improvement in pain level after spinal manipulation. Positive changes occurred for as long as 12 weeks after treatment.

A study funded by the NIH National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine tested the success of several methods of treating mechanical pain in the neck in 272 subjects. These individuals received either a recommended exercise regimen, medication for pain, or spinal manipulations from a chiropractor. At the end of 12 weeks, 57 percent who received chiropractic treatment reported a pain reduction of 75 percent or greater. The figure was 48 percent for subjects who exercised and 33 percent for those on medication. A year later, 38 percent of those who took medication reported the same reduction compared to 53 percent of those who used no drugs.

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